Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Projection Room in the Magoski Arts Colony

The Magoski Arts Colony is an ever-evolving experiment.  One of the newest additions is a small projection room between Hibbleton Gallery and BOOKMACHINE books + zines.  My friend Steve Elkins, award-winning documentary filmmaker, is the curator of this room.  Each month, he will be screening short films that he finds interesting.  This Friday, during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, Steve will be screening the experimental films of Stan Brakhage

Brakhage devoted his life to exploring the nature of perception and developing stages of human consciousness through painting directly onto film, baking it in the oven, ironing it, herding brine shrimp onto it, and reanimating moth wings resurrected from incineration on lightbulbs.

Brakhage once said, "My source is as real as it gets. If you use the word “documentary” accurately, these particular hand painted films of mine would be more documentary than what’s ordinarily on PBS. They are tabulated to...that world of inner streaming, unnameable, ineffable... non-verbal, non-symbolic, non-numerical...streaming thinking, which is intrinsic to being human."

The Downtown Fullerton Art Walk is this Friday, June 7th from 6-10pm.  It is open to the public and it is FREE.


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