Friday, June 7, 2013

You're Doing a Really Great Job.

Yesterday, I hung my art show, "You're Doing a Really Great Job," at Eden Cafe in Downtown Fullerton.  Tonight is the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.  Come see my drawings, buy a coloring book, and visit the other 30 plus venues in Downtown Fullerton for the art walk!  6-10pm.  FREE.

Here's a little preview of my show:

Here's my artist statement:

Most of my drawings started as illustrations for a self-published memoir I wrote called “An American Comedy.”  It’s basically the story of my 20s, and I felt like drawings could add some extra “pizazz” to the book.  The drawings are meant to illustrate scenes from my life, so there are ordinary things like trees, buildings, people, and animals.  There are also a number of drawings of famous authors I like, because I read a lot.  The title of this exhibit is taken from my favorite television show ever, The Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!
The drawings, the memoir, and the coloring books are all five dollars each.
I hope you like them.  You’re doing a really great job.
Jesse La Tour
Eden Cafe is located at 124 W. Wilshire Avenue in historic downtown Fullerton.

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