Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Writing About Social Issues in Orange County

Today I am grading papers.  A LOT of papers.  This past semester, I taught six College English courses at Fullerton College and Cal State Fullerton.  For one of their essays, my students wrote about local social issues.  Ever since I redesigned my curriculum so that my students are writing about local issues, I've been learning so much about Orange County and Southern California.  Here are a few topics I learned about today from grading papers.  Click on the topic for more information (and enjoy the pictures):

-Pollution in Long Beach

-Chick Fil-A vs. Marriage Equality in OC

-Ethnic/economic segregation in Fullerton

-Child Obesity in Orange County

-Gangs in Orange County

-Planned Parenthood in Orange County

-Failing Public Schools in Low-Income Orange County Communities

-Orange County's LGBT Community

-The Ontrac Public Transit Scandal in Placentia

-Police Brutality and Social Protest in Anaheim

-Southern California Edison's Electricity Monopoly 

-Underrepresentation of Latinos on Anaheim City Council

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