Monday, June 7, 2010


I usually keep a Mead composition book beside my bed when I sleep, because I like to write down my dreams, mostly for psychoanalytic purposes. The problem is that, when I wake up and have the presence of mind to write down my dreams, I am often so out of it that my handwriting is virtually indecipherable. It's like that episode of Seinfeld where he has a great idea for a joke in the middle of the night, writes it down, but then can't read his own writing. Here is a recent example:


I believe it says:

Dream where Mark Mendez kills his sword.

Dream--time travel. Once things change, you can't be changed back.

What does this mean?!

Also, last night, I had a dream involving an indescribable craving for a liverwurst sandwich, and I couldn't find liverwurst. I made the grocery store guy scrounge in the big refrigerator for liverwurst, to no avail.

Then I woke up and got a text from Christie, asking if I wanted to get lunch, so we went to a German Deli (Continental Deli in La Habra), and I got a liverwurst sandwich, and it was delicious.

Also, they have amazing potato salad there.

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  1. i always have dreams where i have to kill people, before they kill me. and i'm talking, like, repeatedly stabbing whilst sobbing because, let's face it, i am a vegetarian and don't like killing things.
    but the other night i had a zombie killing dream, and it was pretty badass.