Monday, May 31, 2010

The Beattitudes (remix)

To quote a friend of mine, "Glory Hallelujah. I've got nothing, and I've got everything."

Blessed are you when you are so broke you must look under the couch cushions for change to buy fucking toilet paper. Rejoice and be glad, for the Kingdom of Heaven is not far away.

Blessed are you when your credit card gets declined at your favorite bar and the bartender (your friend) says, "No worries. It's on me." Be thankful, for such was the case with the prophets who came before you.

Blessed are those who break their piggy banks and take the change to Ralphs to buy food for the week.

Blessed are the poor, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Blessed are the clinically depressed, for they shall learn compassion.

Blessed are the humble, for they know not the arrogance of wealth nor comfort.

Blessed are those who speak truth to power, for they are the peacemakers.

Blessed are the artists and writers and volunteers, for they dream of a better world.

Blessed are those who pour all of their resources into endeavors that bring them no financial gain, who live only for truth, beauty, freedom, and love, for they shall see God.


  1. very often when I read your blog, I am inspired and encouraged.

    the timing on this couldn't have been more perfect.

    thank you.