Friday, June 11, 2010

Downtown Brea Sucks

So I am spending the night at my parents' house in Brea because I am leaving for Wisconsin with my dad early tomorrow morning. My dad went to bed at like 9:30, and I was like, "What do I do now? What is there to do in Brea?" So I decided to walk to the Yard House and get a beer.

The only thing the Yard House has going for it is its massive beer selection. Other than that, the Yard House is super duper lame. They play this generic classic rock, and you feel like you're in a goddamn Cheesecake Factory. I sat alone at the bar, drinking my Stone Porter, watching a sporting event I was completely indifferent to, and thinking--Downtown Brea is fucking lame.

I miss downtown Fullerton. I miss the Continental--where there is good music, interesting people, and a decidedly non-corporate vibe. Downtown Brea has a VERY corporate vibe, which makes it almost completely devoid of character. Fullerton may not be the coolest city in the world, but at least it has character.

MORAL: Avoid Downtown Brea like the plague.


  1. have i known you would be there im not gonna stood up a friend whos celebrating his bday there tonight=) im from fullerton myself and i share the same sentiments with you. fullerton not the coolest as you said compared to LA and new york but it has a unique vibe. i am not even originally from the US but i can say this town has a character from the architectural bulidings and homes that surrounds it and some cool galleries like hibbleton. so cheers to you mate for making my day to call it a night=)

  2. ahem. kyle lives like two blocks from the yard house. i will be living there in two months. so i'm preeetty sure downtown brea got at least a little bit cooler now that you know this. ; )

  3. You didn't expect the Yardhouse to be lame? Really?

    If you wanted a beer, Taps is right down the block. It's a local brewery, one that brews award-winning beers and has great food to boot. The crowd might now have been your thing for the most part, but at least it isn't as soul-suckingly corporate as the Yardhouse.

    For all the local chest-pounding you seem to do, you sure missed out on one of the few better, non-chain places that Brea has to offer. Coming from someone that also lives in downtown fully, don't slag entirely on Brea; do a little homework first.

  4. Tim, I agree. TAPS is pretty good, and non-corporate. Although I think they are technically a corporation--they own The Catch by Angel Stadium and another restaurant in Corona. I used to go to TAPS for their late night happy hour when I was in my mid-20s. However, TAPS aside, downtown Brea still sucks!