Sunday, January 1, 2017

Anti-Club Playlist 12/30/16

On Friday nights, I DJ at Mulberry St. Ristorante (aka The Anti-Club) in downtown Fullerton with my friend Tim Maag (and sometimes guest DJs).  For the past year or so, I've taken a keen interest in discovering lesser-known 1960s garage and psychedelic rock bands.  One of the best ways I've found to discover such bands is by collecting a series of records called "Pebbles," which put out amazing compilations of garage/psych stuff, not just from America, but from around the world.  As it turns out, the 1960s was a great decade for global rock music.  For this week's playlist, I drew from a few Pebbles compilations: two of them featuring American bands, one featuring Bolivian psych bands, and one featuring garage bands from Singapore!  We ended the set by mixing in some more recent stuff from local label Burger Records, and other random gems thrown in the mix.  Here's the playlist, along with images of the Pebbles compilation records I drew from.  Click on selected songs to give them a listen.  Enjoy!

“Oh Pebbles!” by Los Flintstones
“Cicero” by 5 De Marzo

See you next Friday night at Mulberry St. (aka The Anti-Club)!

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