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Song of Solomon: a Book Report

The following is from a work-in-progress called "The Bible: a Book Report" in which I read each book of the Bible, summarize it in my own words, and occasionally give some commentary.  I will also include biblical artwork by famous artists.

"The Song of Solomon" by He Qi

The Song of Solomon is totally unique in the Bible.  It doesn't mention the law or God.  Instead, it's an unabashed celebration of sexual love, in the form of a poem.  It's ancient erotica, and it's part of the Bible!  Here's my paraphrase...

Kiss me on the mouth,
your love is better than wine,
Your body oils and perfumes smell good
The ladies love you.

Let’s hurry up and make love.
in the king’s bedroom,
We will have a great time!

I am black and beautiful.
Don’t be prejudiced,
I am proud of my beautiful black skin.

You are so beautiful, baby.
You’re like a fucking stallion.
Your cheeks are like Christmas ornaments,
Your jewelry is awesome.

When the king was chilling on the couch,
I got really wet.
My lover is like perfume between my tits.

You are beautiful, my love
Your eyes are like doves,
Let’s lay down on my green couch.


“My lover is like a flower,” he said.
“My lover is like a big wood tree,” she said.
We tasted each others’ fruit,
the sweet sweet love-fruit.
I am faint with love.
Embrace me, baby,
Let’s fuck like gazelles.

Here comes my love,
leaping over hills and mountains,
like a hot young stag,
He’s so athletic.

He stands and looks through my window,
and calls to me saying,
“Let’s go, babe.
It’s Springtime…
Time for birds and flowers
You know what time it is.
Your voice is sweet,
Your face is lovely.

We are like frisky foxes
in a blooming vineyard.
We belong to each other.
Pasture your flock among my lilies.
Let’s fuck all night.


Laying in bed at night,
I longed for my lover,
the one whom my soul loves,
but I couldn’t find him.
I called out to him, 
but he wasn’t there.

I searched all over the city
for him, my lover,
I asked some police men,
“Have you seen my lover?”
They didn’t reply.

Then I found him!
I held him tightly,
and would not let him go.
“Let’s go back to my place,” 
I said.

What’s that I see, coming this way,
smelling so good.
It’s the king, and all his mighty men,
wearing those sexy war outfits.
Solomon is looking especially hot,
driving in his silver chariot,
it’s interior is upholstered with love.
Check him out, ladies!


You are so beautiful, my love.
Your eyes are like doves.
Your hair sleek and sexy,
You’ve got great teeth,
Your lips are ruby red,
and your mouth is lovely.
Your cheeks are like pomegranates.
Your neck looks nice.
Your breasts are like two fawns.
You are beautiful, my love,
You are perfect.

You have ravished my heart,
with just a glance.
Ooh, your love is sweet,
and you smell amazing.
Give me some sugar, baby,
some sweet nectar from those lips,
gimme some of that milk and honey.

Your virginity is like a secret garden,
a sealed channel, containing 
sweet fruit within, a fountain of water.
Make way, baby,
I’m gonna enter that garden
and eat my fill.


I enter that secret garden,
filled with sweet honey
and milk and wine.
I will eat and drink
and be drunk with love.

I had a wet dream.
My lover knocked at my door.
“Open up, baby, open up,”
I am dripping wet.

I was already naked, ready to rock.
He thrust his hand into my opening,
My dripping hands opened him up…

And then, he was gone!

I called to him,
I searched the city again.
I asked some police men
if they had seen my lover.
This time they beat me up.

If you find my lover, 
please let me know.

He is so handsome,
his wavy, dark locks 
drive me crazy.
Don’t get me started on his eyes,
his cheeks, his lips,
his smoking’ body,
his sweet voice.

He is my lover and he is my friend.


Where has your lover gone,
O lovely lady?
He has gone to the garden.
You are so beautiful, my love.
Your eyes are overwhelming.


You look great in sandals,
You’ve got sexy thighs,
like they were sculpted by 
a great master.
I like your belly button,
your belly,
your breasts like fawns.
You are absolutely delectable!

You are like a palm tree,
and your breasts are like coconuts.
I want to climb that tree,
and grab some coconuts,
and drink deeply.

Kissing you is like tasting a great wine,
it tastes so amazing.

Come on, baby,
let’s go out to the fields,
let’s run through the vineyards
and have some grapes,
and then make love.


I’m not afraid to kiss you in public
(But I prefer the things we do in private)
Come drink of my pomegranates.
Come embrace me!

For love is strong as death,
passion fierce as the grave.
Its flashes are flashes of fire,
a raging flame.

Many waters cannot quench love,
 neither can floods drown it.
You can’t buy true love.

In your eyes I find peace.

"Song of Solomon" by Marc Chagall

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