Saturday, August 23, 2014

Iranian New Wave Cinema @ Hibbleton Gallery

On Monday, August 25, at Hibbleton Gallery, our Introduction to Iranian Cinema series continues with a night devoted to  the Iranian New Wave Films of the 1960s.  Series curator Steve Elkins will give an introductory discussion about films such as Hajir Darioush's "Serpent's Skin" (1964), based on D.H. Lawrence's novel Lady Chatterly's Lover, Ebrahim Golestan's "Mud-Brick and Mirror" (1965) a haunting journey through pre-Revolutionary Tehran in a taxi, and Naser Taghvai's "Tranquility In The Presence Of Others" (1973), a painfully honest portrayal of alcoholism and sexual promiscuity.

We will watch "The House Is Black" (1962) shot in an Azerbaijan leper colony by Forough Farrokhzad, the first woman in Iran to write openly about her sexual desire and widely considered the greatest Iranian poet of the 20th century. The radical humanism of her film arguably gave birth to the Iranian New Wave before she adopted the son of two lepers and died at 32. 

"The House is Black" (1962) directed by Forough Farrokhzad

We will also watch Darius Mehrjui's classic "Gāv" ("The Cow," 1969)...

"The Cow" (1969) directed by Darius Mehrjui

This event will take place Monday, August 25th at Hibbleton Gallery at 8pm, and it is FREE!  Check out the Facebook page HERE.  See you there!

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