Friday, May 9, 2014

May Downtown Fullerton Art Walk Photos!

During the May Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, I walked around to various venues and took photos.  In May, the Art Walk venues remembered our friend Mike Atta with posters flowers, candles, and donation boxes for the family.  Mike was the owner of Out of Vogue and a dear friend of the Fullerton creative community.

Here are photos at the various venues.  I didn't make it to all 25, but I tried. 

Blanquel Popular Art (109 S. Harbor Blvd) 

BTNC (203 N. Harbor Blvd)

Carpe Diem Experience (115 S. Harbor Blvd) 

Internal Gallery & Oddities (inside Carpe Diem Experience)

Comic Book Hideout (215 W. Commonwealth Ave)

Green Bliss Cafe (305 N. Harbor Blvd)

Lolo: a boutique (305 N. Harbor Blvd)

Lucero Photography (112 W. Wilshire Ave)

Max Bloom's Cafe Noir (220 N. Malden Ave)

The Night Owl (200 N. Harbor Blvd)

Out of Vogue (109 E. Commonwealth Ave)

Roadkill Ranch & Boutique (119 E. Commonwealth Ave)

Unity Salon (305 N. Harbor Blvd)

Inside the Magoski Arts Colony (223/225 W. Santa Fe Ave)

Neighborhood Studio (

Hibbleton Gallery (this is my gallery!)

BOOKMACHINE books + zines (

The Egan Gallery (

Anna Hansen Studio

Valerie Lewis Studio (

EE Jacks Studio (

Myra Bryan Studio

Leanne Sargent Studio (

Artside Studio (

Coolest dudes of the Art Walk...

If you missed the May Art Walk, do not despair.  The Downtown Fullerton Art Walk happens the first Friday of every month.  There are 25 venues which show new artwork every month.  It's free, fun, and inspiring.  Hope to see you in June! (

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