Thursday, March 20, 2014

War of the Gargantuas! @ The Egan Gallery

This month at The Egan Gallery (located inside The Magoski Arts Colony) there is a fantastically fantastical show entitled "War of the Gargantuas" featuring artwork by Ken Ruzic, Big Toe, and Doug Horne.  As the show title suggests, the artists tackle larger-than-life themes and subjects, ranging from Big Foot to the Apocalypse to Pope Not-So-Innocent.  The show is playful and thought-provking at the same time.  Here is one of many special posters the artists made for the show...

The other day, while hanging out in the gallery, I took photos of some of my favorite pieces from each artist.  Here's some artwork by Big Toe:

"Delusions of Grandeur (Self-Portrait) by Big Toe

"Backwoods Boogie" by Big Toe

"Deep One Hot Rod" by Big Toe

"Big Foot: Breeds With Anything" by Big Toe

"Batfinkmobile" by Big Toe

Here are some artworks by Doug Horne…

"Death Orgy of the Leopard Women (Self-Portrait) by Doug Horne

"Untitled (Thriftstore Find) by Doug Horne

And here are some creations by the one and only Ken Ruzic…

"Self Portrait as Pope Not-So-Innocent X" by Ken Ruzic

"Ship of Fools" by Ken Ruzic

"Revelation 13:1 With Mechanical Beast" by Ken Ruzic

There will be a special closing reception for this mind-bogglingly cool art show this Saturday, March 22, from 6-10pm.  Here's a poster.  Hope to see you there!

The Egan Gallery is located at 223 W. Santa Fe Ave in Downtown Fullerton, California, inside the Magoski Arts Colony.  

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