Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rescue Me @ The Egan Gallery

On Friday, September 6th, during The Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, The Egan gallery in The Magoski Arts Colony will present a very special art show entitled "Rescue Me."   Come help us celebrate and support our furry companions by joining us for an animal-themed art event in promotion of pet adoption in our community curated by Cody Raiza.

This event is in collaboration with three local animal rescue organizations: A Home 4 Ever Rescue, 4Life Animal Rescue, and Kitt Crusaders.

The artists featured in this show are an amazing panoply of current SoCal talent.  Click on the artist's name for a link to his/her site and see how great they are:

Gene Guynn, Nick Baxter, William Zdan, Chantal Menard, Craig 'Skibs' Barker, Kelly Castillo, Glenn Arthur, Apricot Mantle, Michael White, Cory Benhatzel, John Sollom, Mojo Foster, Jel Ena, Sam Soto, Christina Ramos, Misaki Sawada, Louie Becker, Valerie Lewis, Michelle Orozco, Nancy Johnson, and Jeff Ward. 

The other day, Baxter gave me a sneak preview of the show, and I took some pics.  Check 'em out:

Check out the Facebook event page HERE.  Hope to see you there!

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