Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dorian Hunter Gallery: a pioneer of the arts in Fullerton

One of the really cool things about running an art gallery in a town like Fullerton is that I get to meet some really awesome people.  Lately, I've been getting to know a woman named Dorian Hunter, who ran an art gallery in Fullerton from 1963-1969.  Dorian was also instrumental in starting the annual Night in Fullerton event, which lasted for over 30 years.  Today, Dorian invited me to her house to look at and scan images of her gallery, which was really cutting edge for Fullerton at the time.  She showed a lot of Los Angeles artists, and some locals who went on to do great things.  Here are some of the promo cards from some of her shows:

Florence "Flossie" Arnold was a huge supporter of the arts in Fullerton for many years.  She was also instrumental in starting "A Night in Fullerton" and left a lasting legacy of creativity for many people.

Here's an article about Dorian and her gallery from the LA Times (1968).

And here's what the interior of her gallery looked like...

Here's Dorian seated in front of a piece by Florence Arnold (she's the one on the left).

This Saturday, Dorian and I are planning a very special party in which people from every generation of Fullerton artists, gallery owners, and patrons can hang out, share stories, and look at slides.  More details to come very soon!


  1. Jesse,
    I came across this site in my search for contact information for Ms. Dorian Hunter.
    Ms. Hunter was an inspiration and cause of my entering the interior design profession.
    I last saw her in 1979/1980 when I was a student of her Interior Design program and U.C.Irvine.
    I ended up graduating from UCI in Environmental and Interior Design.
    Later this month I am giving a talk to my design peers of the American Society of Interior Designers here in San Diego and I wanted to reference and acknowledge Dorian's role in my design career. I noted that her design studio in Fullerton has closed?
    Do you have an email or contact information you can share so I can contact her again?
    Thanks for your help.
    Daniel Sicile-Kira, ASID
    1 858 361 4408

  2. Hello Jesse,

    We are all thinking of Dorian Hunter....she was one of my college professors and one of my mentors to me early in my career and to a great degree those mentors still influence me and my work.
    I would greatly value being able to contact Dorian if that is possible.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Nicholas Hertneck ASID