Sunday, May 26, 2013

Art, Marriage Equality, and Dialogue

Last night was the closing reception of the LOVE. SEX. UNITY. RESPECT. art show (in support of marriage equality and the LGBTQ community) at The Magoski Arts Colony.  One of the positive outcomes of this art show has been the wonderful dialogue it has sparked about this issue between people (gay and straight, religious and non-religious, local leaders, artists, etc.), all kinds of people in my community.  

For example, it has opened up some wonderfully rich and important conversations between me and my parents.  The pastor of my parents' church came to the opening reception, and I had the privilege of giving him a tour of the show.  Because of this art show, I've met and talked with people like Kevin O'Grady, director of The Center OC, Orange County's oldest gay and lesbian center.  I've met artists and activists, ordinary same-sex couples, local politicians, pastors, and professors.  It has been a tremendously educational and inspirational experience for me.

And the journey continues.  I'm working on a documentary film about the show.  I've been filming everything: the set up, the community outreach, the artists, the various groups and people involved, the AIDS Walk, the opening reception, the closing reception.  This summer, I will continue interviewing artists, activists, local leaders, pastors, professors.  I don't know how it will all fit together, but I feel like this project is an important and exciting work.  I will be releasing fragments of the film as I complete them.  So far, I've released two excerpts: a ten-minute preview, and a video of the Orange County AIDS Walk.  Here the ten minute preview:

And here's the Art With An Agenda AIDS Walk video:

More to come!

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