Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Bear & The Cheyenne Autumn Band @ The Continental Room

Tonight I saw an amazing folk band at The Continental Room in Fullerton called Black Bear & The Cheyenne Autumn Band.  It's a wonderful coincidence that I've been listening to American folk music lately, like Woody Guthrie and Barry McGuire, and I just bought an acoustic guitar with an American flag on it.  This band spoke to me.  I took some pictures:

They had full-length CDs for sale for two dollars.  Each sleeve was hand-colored.  DIY, as all good folk ought to be.

Some of my friends were there...

And of course the friendly barkeeps...

Here's a track from Black Bear & The Cheyenne Autumn Band called "Responsibility"...


  1. Dude!
    It was so nice meeting you!
    This is all so awesome!
    Can we take these photos, and upload them to our facebook page as one folder?
    I will totally give you all the credit and praise!