Sunday, September 30, 2012

Poetry + Art @ PAS Gallery

Today I was working on some art pieces for the upcoming show at PAS Gallery.  It's called Word.  It's curated by the fantastic artist Valerie Lewis and it features lots of my favorite local artist/writers: Michael Magoski, Brian Prince, Josue Rivas, Chantal DeFelice, Corky Nepomuceno, and more. 

As an English teacher, I am a total nerd for books.  A while back, I made a coloring book called "Literary Figures" featuring drawings of some of my favorite writers.  For this show, I drew six of my favorite poets (two of whom are my friends): Allen Ginsberg, Homer, Steve Westbrook, Daniel Johnston, William Blake, and Michael Magoski, and I used my old Quiet-Riter typewriter to incorporate some of each poet's words into the drawing.  Here's a sneak preview!

That's Allen Ginsberg peaking out of my Quiet-Riter.

The poet Michael Magoski.

The poet Steve Westbrook.

William Blake, the first Romantic Poet.

The show opens this Friday (10/5) during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.  Come check it out!

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