Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My friend Andy Anderson

My friend Andy Anderson is an enigmatic and funny person. He is a fantastic stand-up comedian. I often re-tell many of his jokes, like these classics:

1.) My wife left me because I'm too indecisive. Now I don't know what to do!

2.) What did the farmer say to the other farmer? We're farmers!

3.) I went to this party at the lake the other day with some ducks. It was BYOB--bring your own bread.

4.) One snowman says to another snowman, "Does it smell like carrots?" And then then they laughed because their noses were carrots. But the joke was on them, because a few weeks later it got really hot and they both melted.

Andy is also a fabulous photoshop artist. Here are some of his creations, with captions he wrote for them:

Never forget.

Lean cuisine.

My new dog-dawg ; )


Me and my beautiful family at the candy shop! (Andrea Anderson and Andy Jr. Anderson)

A guy I know from guy, a little quiet, but friendly enough

Check out Andy's blog Blue Fun Tuna.

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