Monday, April 2, 2012

A letter from the editor...

Hello friends,

For the past year, I have been working on a writing project called The Town I Live In: A History of Fullerton. The more I research the history, politics, and culture of this medium-sized American city, the more convinced I become that, before understanding the problems of the world, we must first understand the problems of our own local communities.

Here in Fullerton, we have had all the classic American struggles and problems: racism, segregation, oppression, political corruption, corporate exploitation, homelessness, poverty. On the other hand, we have had some amazing social triumphs: de-segregation, rich musical and artistic happenings, grass roots activism, non-profits, educational opportunities.

As I’ve invested myself in the downtown Fullerton art, music, and literary scene, I am continually blown away by the quality of people in this community: artists, musicians, and writers creating amazing stuff and sharing what they create.

Most of this talent flies under the radar of popular culture. But it exists. I know, because I’ve seen it and heard it. Beneath all the shallowness and cliches and problems, there exists a vibrant beating heart of creative and inspiring culture right here.

One of my missions in life is to bring some of this culture to light. That has been the goal of this little magazine since its first issue, four years ago. My friend Sean Bohrman, who co-owns Burger Records here in town, one told me, “If we sit back and passively take what the world gives us, we’re going to think everything is shitty. But if we actively contribute from our hearts and look carefully, we can find some fucking awesome things right here, right in Fullerton.” Amen, Sean.

I hope you enjoy Issue #4 of Hibbleton Independent, in which we look carefully at the culture (past and present) of Fullerton, California, and the people who are not sitting back and passively taking what the world gives them, but making new things every day.


Jesse La Tour
Editor, Hibbleton Independent

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