Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Gotcha Pizza Interaction

It's like 2:12 am and I'm getting some pizza at I Gotcha Pizza. It's not great pizza, but it's okay. I order two slices of pepperoni, and while the girl is getting me my pizza, I take out a ten dollar bill. I look at the portrait of Alexander Hamilton on it. There is a young man next to me, waiting for his pizza. I ask him, "Do you know who shot Alexander Hamilton?"

He shakes his head.

"Aaron Burr," I say, "It was a duel."

For reasons I do not understand, the young man flexes his right arm's bicep, and looks at it. I feel like his response to my nerdy historical reference is to silently say, "Look at my muscles."

I continue my story, undaunted. "It was very sad," I say.

The young man does not respond. I take my pizza and hand the girl the ten dollar bill. The young man grabs my pizza box, as if he is going to take it. The girl takes it from him and hands it to me and gives me my change. And then I leave.


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