Thursday, December 1, 2011

This is what the Occupy Movement is Protesting...

The Occupy Movement is protesting the shady relationship between banks, corporations, and legislators. When people vote for a candidate, rarely do they look at which corporations are bankrolling their campaigns. In the future, this will become part of the conversation, thanks to the Occupy Movement.

To see which corporations are giving to any congressman, you can visit THE FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION.

Here is a local example. Here are some of the corporations who gave big bucks to Fullerton Congressman Ed Royce.

Ed Royce (R) Contributions over $5000:

Bank of America
Allstate Insurance
American Bankers Association
American Express
Liberty Mutual
Lockheed Martin
Morgan Stanley
Pacific Life Insurance
The Hartford
The Irvine Company
Wells Fargo
and more...


Ed Royce, you don't represent me.

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