Thursday, October 6, 2011

Strange Medical Questions

The following is an excerpt from a work-in-progress called The Town I Live In.

I’m checking in at St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton for a basic checkup.

“I’m a cash patient,” I tell the lady at the counter, “I don’t have health insurance.”

She gets my name and birthdate. Pretty standard information. But then she asks me,

“You’re not Hispanic? You’re caucasian, white?”

“Yes,” I respond, a little confused.

“Do you have a religious preference?”

“No.” Now I’m totally confused.

What do these questions have to do with my health?


I'm also a little disturbed by the fact that, during a recession, the St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton managed to build two brand new multi-million dollar buildings. I guess the health care business is booming.

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  1. The money and contracts for those new buildings was set aside and finalized years ago, I remember the staff talked about it while my great-grandmother was there dying.