Monday, October 11, 2010

Chicken or Fish Music Video Shoot

This weekend, my punk band Chicken or Fish shot it's first real music video. My friend Adam Ganser from USC film school directed it. He had a crew, two cameras, and lots of extras. We shot it in The Violet Hour Studio and the warehouse behind the new Hibbleton. It's gonna be awesome. We are finishing up recording our first real EP, and we plan to release the CD with the video and a little zine that we will make. Look for it come Christmas time--the perfect stocking stuffer. Anyway, here's Christie rockin' on the hood of an old T-Bird.


And here's Brian Lucett with his axe, and Adam Ganser, the maverick director:


Thanks to everyone who participated in this shoot! Chicken or Fish!

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  1. That looks cool. But get that car the hell out of there so I can set up shop. I love you like Vietnamese people love wearing flip-flops.