Friday, April 14, 2017

¡Aparato! and Miss Jupiter @ The Continental Room

One of the coolest venues to see interesting independent bands in Downtown Fullerton is The Continental Room.  For the past several years, I've been going to shows there and taking pictures of the bands.  To check out some of my photos click HERE.  On Wednesday, April 12th, I saw two cool bands at The Continental: Aparto and Miss Jupiter.  I took some pictures.

I was tremendously impressed by the uniqueness of ¡Aparto! They use traditional Latin American instruments  to create an amplified mix of post-punk and folk styles.  As their web site explains: "Crafted by two formally trained Chican@ musicians, ¡Aparto! speaks of wounds, of open gaps between physical spaces, like the US-Mexico border. The meaning of the band’s name -- ¡Aparato! -- or Machine! in English (taken from a Cafe Tacvba song), stands in stark contrast to what the group offers: a cry to feel things deeply, to let go of all terrestrial limitations, routines, and simply be held up by air.  

¡Aparato!’s music evokes something in the collective memory of all people -- the counter narrative, the quejido, the story untold but always present. In Cat’s voice there is an unflinching confrontation with pain, the protest of a Maria Lando, the female immigrant speaker in “Kriminal”, the steadfast power of a strong woman while Hernandez Gutierrez provide's an artful reminder that life goes on even in the face of deep pain, even when we’re not ready.

Here are some photos I took of ¡Aparto! You can check out their music HERE.

And here's Miss Jupiter, whose super-hero/glam costumes impressed me.  The name comes from a character from Alan Moore's Watchmen.  From their Facebook page: Earning comparisons to Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Grace Slick and Karen O, hermetic songstress Miss Jupiter is an alchemical force combining psychedelic garage rock with seemingly paradoxical influences from folk & punk to glam & alternative. Her lyrics are inciting, inspiring, often conceptual, and her vocal style ranges from sweet to soulful to witchy. With a background in fashion design, Miss Jupiter creates all her own stage costumes. Her mission on Earth is EMPOWERMENT." 

Here are some photos I took of Miss Jupiter. You can check out their music HERE.

Again, to see more of my Continental Room photos, click HERE.

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