Friday, April 15, 2016

The Fullerton Tribune: 1895 Edition!

For the past few years, I've been working on a history of Fullerton, which I have called "The Town I Live In: A History of Fullerton."  My latest research has taken me to the microfilm archives at the Local History Room of the Fullerton Public Library, in which I am reading, year by year, the archives of the local newspaper, The Fullerton Tribune.  I have just finished reading the papers from 1895, and here's what was happening both nationally and locally in 1895...

United States News...

They Keep Coming!

The Silver Standard?

How Quickly The White City Fades

The "New Woman"

Coxey, a Populist Leader

Cycling Craze!

The Rich Pay No Taxes

Eugene Debs, That Darned Socialist

Income Tax Favors the Wealthy

Standard Oil Monopoly

Trouble in Hawaii

Wealth Distribution Trends

California News...

The Crime of the Century

Hangings in California

Bank Robber Barnes!

Governor Budd Inaugurated

Fullerton News...

A New Bank in Town...

Water Problems

If You Can't Say a Good Word...

The Growers Organize

Chamber of Commerce Organized


Temperance Movement Comes to Fullerton

She Wants to Vote

Shoe Maker Steps on Rusty Nail, Dies

Stay tuned for the Fullerton Tribune 1896 Edition!  Coming Soon!

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