Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Mahabharata: Arjuna’s Exile

The following is from a work-in-progress called The Mahabharata: a Book Report, in which I'm slowly reading through the Hindu epic poem The Mahabharata, and writing a book report on what I read. 

One day, a Brahmin whose cattle had been stolen visited the Pandavas and asked for help.  Arjuna knew that his brother Yudhisthira was sleeping with Draupadi in the weapons room, so he was faced with a dilemma of dharma.  If he went into the weapons room to get a bow to help the Brahmin, he would violate his agreement with his brothers not to look upon them when they were with Draupadi.  If he didn’t go into the weapons room to to get a bow to help the Brahmin, he would be violating dharma.  Being a man of honor, Arjuna went into the weapons room and got a bow to help the Brahmin.  And then he went into exile.

While in exile, Arjuna traveled to many sacred places and, though he’d taken a vow of celibacy, hooked up with a few different women on his travels.  Also, while in exile, he met a woman named Subhadra and married her.  Then he returned to Intraprastha.  At first, his wife Draupadi was jealous of Arjuna’s new wife, but eventually they got along. 

Meanwhile, Draupadi bore five sons, one to each of the Pandava brothers, her husbands.

While in exile, Arjuna fought a crocodile.

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