Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Qur'an surah 108: Abundance

The following is from a work-in-progress called The Qur'an: a Book Report, in which I read each surah of the Qur'an and write about what I learn.

The context of this surah is the death of the prophet's son.  When this happened, it is said that an opponent of Muhammad taunted him, saying that his family line was cut off, without posterity.  This surah is meant to comfort and reassure the prophet that his true posterity is in heaven: "We have truly given abundance to you [Prophet]--so pray to your Lord and make sacrifices to Him alone--it is the one who hates you who has been cut off."  This surah reminds us of the interesting fact that the prophet died without a hereditary heir.  After Muhammad died, there was a crisis of succession.  Ultimately, the mantle fell to a guy named Abu Bakr.

Abu Bakr Mosque in Medina.

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