Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Coyote Hills Still Needs Saving!

Three years ago, in 2012, thousands of Fullertonians (myself included) voted down the Chevron Corporation's plan to develop Coyote Hills, one of the last large natural open spaces in north Orange County.  This, we thought, was a major victory.  We thought we'd actually saved Coyote Hills.  We were na├»ve.
In fact, Coyote Hills has not been saved.  In direct defiance of the will of the voters, Chevron and the city have continued to negotiate a new development plan.  Last month (again, in defiance of the will of the people), the Fullerton Planning Commission approved Chevron's new development plan--a slightly modified version of the original.
For those of us who believe in democracy, this is a baffling and disturbing state of affairs.  Apparently, a popular vote means nothing.  What really matters is money and a cunning team of lawyers--which Chevron has.
And so, it seems, we are basically back where we started.  Tonight, the Fullerton City Council will hear an appeal of the Planning Commission's decision brought by the Friends of Coyote Hills.  The city council could approve the new development plan tonight.
I, for one, will be at the meeting tonight at City Hall at 6:30pm, voicing my frustration and anger.  If you live in the area, or simply care about the environment, please come, show your support, and speak up!

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