Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fullerton Tribune Advertisements 1894-1897

I spent some time this morning in the Local History Room of the Fullerton Public Library, looking at microfilm of the Fullerton Tribune newspaper from 1894-1897, as research for my history of Fullerton project.  Here are some of the advertisements I encountered.  Many of them claimed to offer miraculous health remedies, with products like Doctor's New Discoveries (for tuberculosis), Hood's Sasparilla (for everything!), Keeley (?), Dr. Miles' Nervine (for "nerve diseases"), and Pennyroyal Pills (a toxic remedy for menstuation troubles), and Simmon's Liver Regulator (?!).

Other ads promised amazing hair solutions, like Ayer's Hair Vigor and Skookum Root Hair Grower.

Others advertised general merchandise.

What these advertisements demonstrate, sometimes humorously, is that ads (which have become even more pervasive in our times), have pretty much always lied to us.

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