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A History of Hibbleton Gallery

In June of this year (2015), Hibbleton Gallery will celebrate its 7th anniversary.  To commemorate this milestone, we're throwing a great big art show in which we're inviting lots of artists who've shown in our gallery over the years.  As co-owner of Hibbleton, I thought I'd take this occasion to compile a history of Hibbleton Gallery, mainly focusing on all the art shows we've had in our seven-year existence.  Here's a list of what we've shown since we opened our doors back in 2008:


May: To the Fifth Dimension!
featuring artwork by Timber, Japanland, and Metasaurus

June: Happily Apathy
featuring artwork by Lane Heraclitus

July: Twilighty
featuring artwork by Paul Nagel

August: Unpretentious Art Party
featuring artwork by Ryan Ward, Foof, Paul Nagel, and Scott Lee

September: We Were a Handful
featuring artwork by Matt Maust, Syd Butler, David Quon, Richard Swift, Nathan Warkentin, and poetry by Derrick Brown

October: Neon Frontier
featuring artwork by Andrew Holder

November: Surfacing
featuring artwork by Jan Avendano, Andrew Bargeron, Alberto Cerriteno, Alex Chiu, Andrew Council, Mar Hernandez, Talita Hoffman, Jason Jones, Robbie Keast, Rey Ortega, Sarah McNeil, Alejandro Mesa, Guiseppe Calogero Modica, Sean Morris, Adam Reker, Dan Rule, Karan Singh, Alexei Vella, Ziebo


January: Charming Decay
featuring artwork by Sean Stiegemeier, Porter McKnight, Amber Fox, Tricia Lawless Murray, Eric Magnussen, Steve Elkins, Fred Scharmen, Exothermic

February: Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre
featuring artwork by Wilhelm Staehle

March: Spare Change
featuring artwork by Andy Jenkins, Russ Pope, Chris Pastras, Mike Myers, Chris Yormick

April: Timber!
featuring artwork by Chad Eaton

May: Personal Kingdoms
featuring artwork by Jesse Chapo

June: Golden Hands
featuring artwork by Reena Makwana, Chloe Bonfield, Jennifer Matignas Pitchers, and Millie Easton

July: Peripheral Vision
featuring artwork by Steve Elkins

July: Digital Show
featuring artwork by Chris Leavens, wotto, Camilo Bejerano, and Mark Mendez

August: Instant Gratification: a Polaroid Party
curated by Kevin Staniec

September: Digging for Fire
featuring artwork by William Zdan and Chris Peters

October: Maybe Forever
featuring artwork by Sarah McNeil and Sean Morris

November: Personajes de Colores: a Strange Cavalcade of Characters
featuring artwork by Mar Hernandez

December: RUGS! RUGS RUGS!
featuring artwork by Mark Mothersbauth of DEVO


January: Art Party #2
featuring artwork by Scott Lee, Michael Hsiung, Austyn Gillette, Mike Myers, and Rob White

February: Shuffle
featuring artwork by Aaron Jasinski, Aaron Kraten, Aaron Little, Christopher Umana, Chrystal Chan, David Chung, Haubs, JAW Cooper, Jenikah, Julie Lee, Martine Johanna, Melissa Martyn, Tommii Lim, Tuan Vu Tran, and Wendy Peng.

March: About Face
featuring artwork by Steve Westbrook and Joseph Chesmore

April: Le Match
curated by Bekka Utermohlen and featuring artwork by: Glenn Arthur, Ron Pete, Linda Kim, Josh Hart, Janet Kim, Ashley Park, and AmericanBlackheart.

May: Venus Fly Trap
featuring artwork by Kellisimone Waits (Tom Waits came to this show!)

June: Hibbleton All Stars! (2 year anniversary show)
featuring artwork by Ryan Ward, Andrew Holder, William Zdan, Jesse Chapo, Dan Rule, Will Staehle, Sarah Girard, Sarah Mcneill, Foof Churro, Chad Eaton, Paul Nagel, Alex Chiu, Camilo Bararjon, Rey Ortega, Adam Reker, Russ Pope, Chris Pastras, Stacy Zaninovich, Jenikah, Metasaurus, Scott Lee

July: The T-Shirt Show
featuring artwork by Brian Prince, Matt Maust, and others

August: This Is Not a Gated Community
featuring artwork by Jonathan Apgar, Gabriel Arroyo, Natalie Lawler, Rachel Malin, Kristine Lee, Tessie Whitmore

In September of 2010, we moved to our new location on Santa Fe Avenue, inside The Magoski Arts Colony.

October: La Muerte y El Recuerdo en Latinoamerica (Dia de Los Muertos Show)
featuring artwork by Albert Garcia, Ian Bragg, Mike Myers, Jenifer Miller-Hernandez, Oscar Garcia, Robert Shawn, Scott Lopez, and Todd Imperato

November: Drift
featuring artwork by Marlon Geller and Randy Martin

December: The Eye of the LA Punk Scene
featuring artwork by Edward Colver


January: Non Sequitur
featuring artwork by Nick Arciaga, Sidney Pink, Ryan T. Riss, Dan Rule, Emilio Santoyo and Christie Yuri Noh

February: I Left My Heart In Detroit
featuring artwork by Niagara Detroit, William Zdan, Matt Gordon and SLAW

March: Fuck It!
curated by Bekka Utermohlen

April: A Study of Cop-Outs and Flaws
featuring artwork by Andy Jenkins

May: Counterparts
group show

June: Gutbox ("It Won't Fit")
featuring artwork by the Gutbox Collective from NYC

July: Hotter Than a Match Head: a Love Letter to the City
curated by Tracey Taylor

August: Too Much, Not Enough
featuring artwork by Mike Ferguson

September: They're Not Dolls, They're Action Figures!
featuring artwork by Tony Bach, Andy Busc, Steve Gonzalez, Hank Huang, Scott Lee, Mike Myers, and Ron Pete.

October: Graphite Show
featuring artwork by MFA students from Cal State Long Beach

November: Illegal Dreams
featuring artwork by Julio Salgado, Raymundo M. Hernández-López, Sean Lewis, and Hitch.

December: Hibbledudes!
featuring artwork by Jesse La Tour, Steve Westbrook, Landon Lewis, Chuck Oldfield, Tony Bach, and Nickie Fixx


January: Recycled Lunacy
featuring artwork by Marjorie Kerr

February: An American Comedy: an art show and book release
book release for Jesse La Tour's An American Comedy.

March: Downtown Fullerton Art Walk 2-Year Anniversary Event
at the Fullerton Museum Plaza

April: Human Hostilities
featuring artwork by Carly Cram, Hannah Diaz, and Meng Meng Liu.

May: 300: a massive group show
curated by Mimi Yoon

June: Some Like it Hoth
featuring artwork by Jose Orozco

July: The World as Unknowable
featuring artwork by Christie Yuri Noh (Bummerama Press)

August: Digital Show 2.0
featuring artwork by Chris Leavens, Mark Mendez, Chris Leavens, and Wotto

September: Partners in Crime
curated by Bekka Utermohlen.  Featuring art collaborations by Celene and Pamela Jaeger! Cody Lusby and Noel Paris! Ron Pete and Tommii Limm! Eunice San Miguel and Julie Yeo! Elliot Brown and Virginia Giordano! Kristi Bockrath and Kelly Bockrath! Rask Opticon and AR Ink Bombers! Teodor M. Dumitresco and Toni Tracy! Lindsay Buchman and Mike Schmidt! J. Everette Perry and Nick Yarger!

October: The Bloody Marys
featuring artwork by Martha Bartholomew, Mildred Kouzel, Marjorie Kerr, Fay Colmar, and Virginia Spencer.

November: Separately Together
featuring artwork by Katie Perdue and Christopher Synicky

December: The Changing Face of Fullerton
featuring artwork by Michael Magoski, Josue Rivas, Chuck Oldfield, Brian Prince, Jesse La Tour


January: Save Mike Atta: a benefit show

February: A New Space
featuring artwork by Abraham Vera, Alice Emmons, Allen Morton, Andy Lam, Anne Cynn, Artemis Nolasco, Brian Hunter, Christina M. Lee. Dafne Marrufo, Denise Eve, Devora Orantes, Hank Huang, James Jurado, Jason N. Le, Jennifer King, Jennifer Takeda, Jose Mojarro, June 22, Kazka Reitz, Kevin Stewart-Magee, Liz Zuniga, Phil Mecham, Stacey Alexander, Sara Dehgan, Steve Gonzales, Rebecca Lipnisky, Tony Bawk, Rob Brown

March: Downtown Fullerton Art Walk 3-Year Anniversary
event at Fullerton Museum Plaza

April: Beat Up Creations
featuring artwork by Angela Rossi

curated by Stephan Baxter and Valerie Lewis.  

June: Cryptids and Other Imaginary Specimens
featuring artwork by Nicole Sloan and Wendy Kubiak

July: Create Now: an Artistic Tribute to Alan Watts
curated by Roxanna Mostatabi and Josue Rivas

August: In Stitches: an Embroidery Show
featuring artwork by Virginia Sandfer, Nickie Fixx, Lola Bee, Shawn Sandfer, Monica Johnson, and Jesse La Tour

September: All the Artists for All the Kids Fundraiser
partnership with PAS Galley and All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation

October: Photoetry: Photography and Poetry from South Central
featuring artwork by Hiram Sims, Sam Bendall, Adam Tillman-Young, Ameer Espy, Kim Soria, and Charisse Sims

November: The Art of Hope
featuring artwork by Cathy Acton, Miguel Aldaz, Joanna Buon-Cristiani, Marvin Castillo, Michelle Emory, Shadow Franks, Chris Friedman, Cindy Hein, Jim Lin, Sharon Mauck, Fred Mezzo, Howard Miller, Darren Peterson, Ana Pinedo, Jason Rosales, Ben Simendinger, Chih, Tseng, Pei-Lin Stotler, Tannette Tuttle, and Melanie Vasquez 

December: Shot in the Dark
featuring artwork by John Gilhooley and Scotty Roller


January: Never Too Late
a Mildred Kouzel Retrospective

February: Word Play: the art of text
featuring artwork by Jonathan Juliani, Mark Mendez, Devin Wais, John Sollom, Brian Prince, Amanda Reeves, Esther Jacks, Anna Hansen, Patrick Nguyen, Nancy Johnson, Ricardo Gonsalves, and more!

March: Downtown Fullerton Art Walk 4-year Anniversary
event at the Fullerton Museum Plaza

April: See and Be Seen
art show in partnership with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

May: Somewhere
artwork by Rene Cardona

June: Art Party #3!
featuring artwork by Tony Bawk, Johnny Franck, Evan Schiefelbine, Aaron Jupin, Mike Myers, Scott Lee, Kevin Andrews, and Andrew Parker.

July: Hall of Presidents
featuring artwork by Jesse La Tour

August: Retrospective 2004-2014
featuring artwork by OC Weekly photographer John Gilhooley

September: Hope University Fundraiser
benefit show for adults living with disabilities

October: All the Artists for All the Kids!
benefit show for All the Arts for All the Kids 

November: Pop and Timber
featuring artwork by Andres Estrada

December: Digital Show 3.0
featuring artwork by Mark Mendez, Carla Zarate, Brian Torres, and Camilo Bejarano


January: Ontogeny
featuring artwork by Chantal deFelice

February: Orphaned Constellations
featuring artwork by Steve Elkins

March: Downtown Fullerton Art Walk 5-Year Anniversary
event at Fullerton Museum Plaza

April: Additional Space
featuring artwork by Angelica Abalos, Alexis Aquilina, Hannah Brown, Tyler Cash, Leslie Chung, Adrianna Coe, Nathaniel Colbert, Tyler Davis, Rachel Emenaker, Nico Hernandez, Lauren Higgins, Soren Iverson, Melanie Kim, Daniel Lambert, Zechariah Liszewski, Randi Martinez, Kearci Moir, Litt Odom, Melody Phillips, Chris Rasmussen, Lisl Ruckert, Amanda Upp, and Jinghua Ye

May: Philip K. Dick in Orange County
featuring artwork by Felipe Flores, Rene Cardona, EE Jacks, and others

June: Seven Year Anniversary!  Here's to many more years of art and community at Hibbleton!

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