Thursday, February 5, 2015

There are lots of Art Shows this Friday at the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk!

This Friday, February 6th is the Downtown Fulleton Art Walk, a FREE multi-venue art experience in Downtown Fullerton.  Here are some of the shows you can check out:

Hibbleton Gallery presents an exhibit entitled "Orphaned Constellations," which is related to a feature documentary film Steve Elkins has been directing for several years. Elkins' film deals with various aspects of the lives of scientists and monks that happen to relate intimately to the work of artists. In this collaborative exhibition, a variety of artists have submitted expressions of how the themes of Steve's film relate to their own creative process, their personal lives, their dreams.

BOOKMACHINE books + zines presents the release of my latest zine, entitled "Job." I have taken the ancient poem "Job" from the Bible and put it into modern language and slang. Accompanying the text will be reproductions of etchings and watercolors by the 19th century Romanic poet/artist William Blake, who published his own illustrated version of Job in the year 1826. 

Be sure to stop by Max Bloom's Cafe Noir, one of the coolest coffee shops in Fullerton that is also now its newest art gallery. My friend Baxter has transformed this 1940s-themed coffee shop into a premier art venue. The debut show, “QUATRE MEILLURES: OC Weekly’s Best Artists" features four of the best visual artists in Orange County, literally. The four artists featured in the show have won the OC Weekly “Best Visual Artist” award. The artists are: Valerie Lewis, Russ Pope, John Sollom, and Kebe Fox!

Come see the incredible beauty of the sky and nature from several artists in E.E. Jacks Space at the Magoski Arts Colony Featuring Artists: Esther Jacks, Michael Magoski, Amanda Reeves, Katie Perdue, Steve Metzger, Amy Ambrose, and more!

Also at the Magoski Arts Colony join us for an evening beneath, amongst and inside the sea and stars together as artists/creators.The mystery of what we know to be but cannot see reveals itself when we close our eyes and open our hearts. In the dark there is light. Featuring work by Esther Jacks, Leanne Sergeant, Paul Sergeant, Valerie Lewis, Brian Prince, Jeremy Grayson, Candace Magoski, Anna Hansen, and Michael Magoski...

Be sure to stop by Share & Do Good, a giving boutique located in Downtown Fullerton. Their goal is to bring you good designs made by great causes that tell amazing stories of hope from around the world. Whether it’s jewelry made from past weapons of war in Ethiopia, bags created by the poorest of the poor in India or t-shirts that help feed orphans in Thailand they are passionate about each product and cause and hope you will be too.

Also, check out Carpe Diem Experience, which will feature works by artist Elizabeth Pineda. Come explore her "Eli-strations" along with local handcrafted wares, live music & surprise food truck.

There's something for the kids at Lolo: a Boutique, Green Bliss Cafe, and Unity Salon. They are excited to  be hosting the artwork of Acacia Elementary School.  Each class at Acacia Elementary School in Fullerton is creating a masterpiece that will be auctioned off at the annual gala to raise funds for the All the Arts Program at Acacia. We will also be giving 10% of all sales that night! Come out and support our amazingly talented students.

But wait, there's more!  Don't miss the Annabella Pritchard Exhibit and live musical performance by Guy Nelson at Roadkill Ranch!

Also, oh, hello friend is pleased to feature Helen Joo, artist, illustrator, and designer! Born and raised in Korea, but living most of her adult life in Los Angeles. Helen Joo loves making gouache painting and collage illustration and design. She loves cactus, nature, food, and travel. Her inspiration comes from warmth, happiness, and amusement she sees in her day to day life. Her artistic style embraces innocence and simplicity. Art is a window in which she illustrates the simple and yet meaningful beauty she sees in the world.  Visit to find out more about Helen!

Lucero Photography presents the vibrant and colorful works of local artist Shannon Leclair this Friday, February 6th, 2015, see you then!

There's plenty more to do and see this Friday!  See you at the Art Walk!

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