Friday, November 7, 2014

Tonight at the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk!

Tonight is the monthly Downtown Fullerton Art Walk!  This is a FREE multi-venue art experience featuring 25 venues all within walking distance.  The Art Walk is from 6-10pm.  For a list of venues, visit  Here are some of the exhibits you can check out tonight…

In the Magoski Arts Colony…

Hibbleton Gallery will be showing an exhibit entitled “Pop & Timber” featuring artwork by Andres Estrada. Estrada’s work may be described as “street art meets jazz age and silent film.” Playing with textures and layers, the artist juxtaposes culturally recognizable images (Charlie Chaplin, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Billie Holiday) with backdrops and textural elements (including wood, canvas, cardboard, and metal) that add to, enhance, and sometimes change the context. For his artwork, Estrada takes pre-existing materials that have already served a purpose in life, can no longer be used for that function, and then repurposes them into something beautiful.

At BOOKMACHINE books + zines, award-winning journalist Gabriel San Roman, in collaboration with artist Carla Zarate Suarez, will be releasing their “Calendar of Revolt”--a unique daily calendar focusing on emancipation struggles of workers, radicals, women, people of color, and the LGBT community throughout the history of the United States and elsewhere. Illustrations by Zarate capture pivotal moments and protagonists from the Haymarket Riot to Chief Sitting Bull. With the research of San Roman, every day is filled with a historical event. The Calendar of Revolt 2015 is unabashedly radical, truly unique and unlike any other! Gabriel San Roman will also be signing his first book entitled “Venceremos: Víctor Jara and the New Chilean Song Movement.” 

PAS Gallery will feature MonuMental Works and Stuff from the Seething mind and Frantic hand of Ken Ruzic! Big Works! Little Works! Happy Paintings! Sad paintings! But mostly RAD Paintings! Come see what all the Hullabaloo is all About! curated with Brian Prince, this exhibition holds many surprises! like the title implies....Paintings that Attract and Repel each other for oh,so many Reasons!

Artist Myra Bryan has some new work for tonights fullerton art walk! Myra’s work uses multiple mediums including vintage papers to depict relatable, emotional and evocotive works. Her ice-cream-color palet is a juxtapose to the sometimes-painful and thought provoking messages in her work. Myra is a Magoski Arts Colony treasure.

Curator/Artist Esther Jacks presents "Darker Introspections," a group show featuring work by some fantastic local artists, including Steve Metzger, Oscar Arroyo, Christina Preiss, Michael Magoski, Amanda Reeves, Katherine England, Tess Is, Denise Elliott Marshall, Melinda Hagman, and Amy Ambrose.

In the Altered States Lounge, artist Scotty Benner presents a series of aquatic watercolors in an exhibit entitled Fauna Oceana...

Elsewhere around town...

Roadkill Ranch is proud to present the latest works by award-winning artist John Sollom. Inspired by a retro deck of playing cards, John has created 52 paintings of pin up girls using oil and wood. A true commitment to his vision and to the love of art!  A select few of his paintings will be available for $85.00.  And no Art Walk would be complete without live music by Mr. Guy Nelson.

Out of Vogue will feature a collection of artworks by Jen Hernandez and Wotto...

Lolo: a Boutique is featuring Terri Delano Derler, well-known Fullerton artist.  She will be presenting many new pieces including some at Torrey Pines and some from Oceanside.   They will be be spectacular!

Fullerton Museum Center presents an exhibit in their Foyer Gallery called "Consortium Vanity: Artwork by Santi Sundara".  Also, they will have open mic night in the auditorium with featured poet De'ana Quillen.

Visit oh, hello friend to see the illustrations of Annie Seo. Annie is an illustrator, designer and animator born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She studied at Parsons The New School for Design, in New York City, and graduated with a BFA in Illustration. She is a fan of Hot Cheetos and pizza. She is now living and working in Los Angeles.

See you tonight at the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk!

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