Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Fullerton Art Walk @ The Magoski Arts Colony!

The Magoski Arts Colony is a multi-venue art space in Downtown Fullerton.  On the first Friday of every month, the Colony opens its doors the public for the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.  This past Friday, I took some pictures at the Colony.  Here they are, along with descriptions of the exhibits this month...

Hibbleton Gallery partnered this month with All the Arts for All the Kids, for a special exhibit entitled “All the Artists for all the Kids!”  The All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to developing, sustaining, and supporting the arts as an intrinsic part of every child’s education.  This exhibit, curated by teacher Lauren Moses Oldfield and All the Arts instructor/artist Caitlin Orr, gives the kids from All the Arts a chance to show their work. 

The Egan Gallery presented “Knackers Yard” a retrospective look at the development of artist William Zdan from working class Detroit punker up to selected pieces from his most recent work “The Humors” an exhibition held at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in LA this summer.  William Zdan was raised in the manufacturing community of Detroit, and this has unquestionably influenced his world view. Classic techniques and religious iconography are stripped of their cliché and given new provocation. His most recent series examines the longstanding connections between medicine, secular art and social defiance. The Humors (the preponderance of body fluids, respective organs, earth elements and corresponding human temperaments) are found in each of the paintings, along with bloodletting tools, leeches and other (now debunked and marginalized) medical conventions (like phrenology).

On exhibit at Neighborhood Studio (formerly PAS Gallery) were artworks by local talents John Sollom, Dan Joyce, Rene Cardona, Kristy Prince, and live musical performances by Ryan Steele of the band Deep Sea Madness.

BOOKMACHINE books + zines presented an art show + zine release at entitled “Suburban Nightmare: Punk in OC.” This zine, originally released in 2010, gives a brief history of the bands, venues, artwork, and style that was and is Orange County punk rock. The zine highlights the rich history of punk counter-culture in Orange County, and its continued relevance today. Orange County has stereotypes of conservative politics, affluence, and materialism. However, this show represents the presence of an underground culture that arose in direct antagonism to these stereotypes, and how that underground exists today. The zine seeks to question prevailing cultural attitudes, and presents an alternative attitude of free expression. On display are old and new school punk flyers and LP art from the collections of Jesse La Tour and Stephan Baxter. 

Colony artist EE Jacks curated an exhibit called "Darker Introspection." 

In addition to these curated shows, there were displays by individual artists who have studios in the Colony, or are just friends of the Colony.  Here are some of them...

Paul and Leanne Sergeant...

Valerie Lewis...

Kelsey Kuykendall...

In the Projection Room, we showed local filmmaker Charlie Pecoraro's recent documentary "Circle the Wagen"...

And here I am with my representative in Sacramento...State Assembly member Sharon Quirk-Silva, who is up for re-election this November.  I will be voting for her because she supports the arts in Fullerton!

See you next month at the Magoski Arts Colony during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, where there is always something new and creative to see, and be a part of.


The Magoski Arts Colony
The Downtown Fullerton Art Walk
Hibbleton Gallery
Neighborhood Studio
BOOKMACHINE books + zines

and all of us at the Colony...

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