Thursday, May 1, 2014

This Friday at the Magoski Arts Colony

This Friday, May 2, is the monthly Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.  At the ever-evolving Magoski Arts Colony, we have lots of brand new art shows for you to check out.  Here are some of them...

Neighborhood Studio (formerly PÄS Gallery), invites you to the solo show of Erin J. Boyle, “Selfies! Our digitized reflections in an oil drenched world”. Erin is fascinated by the emotions, structures, and colors of a person’s face. Her body of work encompasses the popularity of today’s social media world of “selfies”. Although many viewers may think negatively on “selfies”, it is the subjects’ personality portraying in this “look at me” photo that has captivated Erin in expressing in her media form.

30% of all sales at Neighborhood Studio will go to the Atta family.

Hibbleton Gallery presents "Somewhere" featuring new work by Rene Cardona.  Local artist Rene Cardona is a part of the vibrant community known as the Magoski Arts Colony, and his public murals grace the walls of Downtown Fullerton. Ever seeking new frontiers of inspiration, Cardona's surrealist paintings explore light vibration, spiritual mandala visualizations, and opening the doors of perception. He works in paint, assemblage, dioramas, and sculpture. Being a member of the local art Colony, and constantly being around other artists, inspires Cardona to keep pushing the boundaries of creativity. Sometimes silly, sometimes serious, Cardona sees artwork as a kind of inner transformation, always evolving.

BOOKMACHINE books + zines presents a special book release + art show. Local artist/writer Dan Joyce has just completed his latest book, entitled Allison Jolley.  Joyce's signature figure drawings and paintings have graced the walls of Hibbleton Gallery, BOOKMACHINE, Violet Hour, and elsewhere.  He has written numerous books which combine the written word and visual art. Don't miss this chance to get your very own copy of Joyce's latest opus!  Here's a description of the story, which is a tour-de-force of writing and illustration:

Dan Gallagher is an obsessively religious recovering alcoholic who is also a struggling artist. "Allison Jolley" follows his musings, doubts, friendships, misadventures and epiphanies -- in prose, poems, letters, dialogues, and art -- as he mourns two failed relationships, and slowly falls in love with Allison, a close friend, realizing along the way that love is not what he expected. Dan struggles to connect with his own better self, and with his kindred spirit Allison, whose light-hearted, playful nature ultimately changes his perspectives of what friendship, belief, and love can be.

The Egan Gallery presents "reconFIGURED"... an exhibition that highlights artists that approach the tradition of the human form in fine art, but with a contemporary vantage on the timeless theme. This diverse grouping of artists represent many different styles, genres and mediums, and truly gives a well-rounded sense of how the new generation o...f contemporary artists are approaching the most familiar and inspiring expression of life through art--the figure.  Featuring work by: Sarah Elise Abramson, Shay Bredimus, Ken Garduno, Barbara Milliorn, Joram Roukes, Suzanne Walsh. Curated by Evan Senn.  Visit

Colony Artist Esther Jacks has curated a show entitled "Dionysus is Here" featuring works by Oscar Arroyo, Michael Magoski, Dan Joyce, Nancy Johnson, Amy Ambrose, Myra Bryan, Scott Bryan, Amanda Reeves, Stacey Pearlman, Christina Preiss, Tess Israelson, and John Sollom.  What a lineup!

See you this Friday at The Magoski Arts Colony during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk!

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