Monday, April 14, 2014

The Pesos, CVI, Corners, & The Abigails @ The Continental Room

Last night, I went to check out the second night of The Abigails Sunday residency at The Continental Room.  The Abigails are a sort of boozy country rock outfit, and their album, Songs of Love and Despair is one of my top ten of last year.  Three interesting bands opened for the Abigails: The Pesos, CVI, and Corners.  I took pictures, and a few notes as I watched the bands.

The Pesos kind of reminded me of a stonier version of Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers.  They had a very laid-back surf rock sound, and they decorated the stage with beautiful white flowers…

CVI only played four songs, but they were really long, especially the last one.  It was a slowly building shoe-gazey Sonic Youth-esque soundscape, with few lyrics and lots of guitar drone, feedback, improvisation.  They were loud and intense and compelling to listen to.

I had seen the band Corners once before.  They opened for The Adolescents, The Middle Class, and The Weirdos at The Echoplex in LA.  They are a solid garage rock band with nice energy and catchy licks.

The headliner, The Abigails, did not disappoint.  They are playing the next two Sundays in April.  These shows are free and totally worth checking out.  

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