Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shol @ Exit Gallery

This week, between classes, I checked out the exhibit "Shol" at Exit Gallery at Cal State Fullerton.  The curators describe the exhibit in this way:

Shoal (Shol): any group of fish that stays together for social reasons is said to be shoaling.

We spend our days living among others, interacting with others, and forming relationships with others.  Despite this continuous interaction, we are all essentially alone.  Our thoughts, unknown to surrounding people, follow us all day wherever we go.  When no one is around we have only our bodies and our thoughts to keep us company.  Much like shoaling fish, we congregate and interact for social reasons, whether to benefit ourselves or others.  Shol is a reflection of the true state of humans.  Every group, family, social, etc is comprised of isolated individuals that are alone despite being part of a group.  How one makes use of this fact determines one's outlook on life.

Artists: Colleen Hines, Linzy Jorden, Philp Kupferschmidy Sydney Welling, and Jacquelyn Zanic-Aldalde

The exhibit featured several hanging fish bowls, each with an individual goldfish inside.  It was a powerful visual installation, but I did wonder how the goldfish were faring.  The bowls did seem to be clean, and the fish were fed.  Here are some pictures I took of the exhibit:

Fore more information about the Exit Gallery, click HERE.

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