Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blackwater Jukebox @ The Continental Room

Last night I saw a band at The Continental Room in Fullerton that totally knocked my socks off called Blackwater Jukebox.  They are a high-energy sextet combining folk, rock, world music, and ethnomusicology.  They have a bassoon player, which I have never seen in a rock band.  Also, before each song, the singer told a fantastical tale about the history of the song.  For example, the song Harvest Tarantella was "collected in the Sicilian highlands. Attributed to Berber mercenaries used to subjugate the interior during the 9th century Moorish conquest. Performed on the island to this day during the annual collection of hasish di serpent."  In addition to CDs, the band also sold books that told really complicated back stories of each song.  Here are some pictures of Blackwater Jukebox's inspired performance…

You can find Blackwater Jukebox on Facebok HERE.

You can listen to some of their songs HERE.

Check 'em out!

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