Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Jurassic Park-Themed Restaurant!

Yesterday, my friend Phil invited me to a Jurassic Park-themed restaurant and I was like "Hell yes."  So we went to Jurassic Restaurant in the City of Industry.  It was awesome.  The decor was like the entrance to a ride, with fake plants and dino skeletons and cave-like walls.

Notice the flying dinosaur skeleton.

There was a 15% surcharge for vomiting.

Which was weird because Jurassic Restaurant also advertised a beer-drinking contest.

The main attraction was this big T-Rex.

Jurassic is, of course, a Taiwanese restaurant.  I had a delicious tofu hot pot.

I would definitely recommend Jurassic Restaurant in the City of Industry.  Their web site is pretty awesome too.  Click HERE for a real scare!

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