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The Downtown Fullerton Art Walk Celebrates Four-Years of Creativity and Community!

On Friday, March 7th, the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk celebrated its four-year anniversary with a massive event at the Fullerton Museum Plaza.  Art Walk venues and local community organizations were invited to set up booths at the outdoor Plaza.  Here are some of the people and groups keeping art alive in Fullerton...

All the Arts for All the Kids is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to developing, sustaining, and supporting the arts as an intrinsic part of every child’s education.  It is this organization’s passionate belief that the arts are the birthright of every child, and as such, the Foundation champions the arts in the Fullerton School District. They enthusiastically raise funds which are used exclusively to supplement the District’s ongoing arts programs.  This grass roots community effort is staffed solely by volunteers, so that all proceeds go directly to the children in every school in the District.  Check them out at

Artside Studio is a modern art and lifestyle venue located in the Magoski Arts Colony in Fullerton, California.  They offer art workshops focused on fun and good conversations for all who need a safe place to relax and let their creative spirit flow. You can learn new skills or refresh old ones and enjoy the time by bringing friends or finding new ones.  Check them out at

Blanquel Popular Art manufactures custom furniture, iron work, ceramic tile, and exposes the community to Mexican Arts & Crafts.  They are a family business which started in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 1967, and now have been in the beautiful city of Fullerton for almost 13 years.  Their CASA is your CASA. Check them out on Facebook HERE.

Bookmachine books + zines is an independent publisher and book store located in the Magoski Arts Colony, specializing in zines and handmade books. They also have a fine selection of prints and used books. They are open the first Friday of every month during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, or by appointment.  Bookmachine publishes and sells books, zines, and prints.  Visit

Carpe Diem Experience is an artful living marketplace in Downtown Fullerton, and a home to artful, repurposed & bespoke elements for your surroundings. They find world-inspired decor to share with the community. Their marketplace houses four amazing boutiques, two monthly events, and art workshops. If you're the type of person that takes time for art, then their marketplace is your new happy place!  Visit them on Facebook HERE.

Lolo Boutique features high quality, contemporary and classic clothing, artwork and jewelry.  Check them out at

Comic Book Hideout offers extensive back issues and brand new comics, graphic novels, toys, T-shirts and arcade games!  One day a girl had a dream, that dream was to build a place of her own. A hideout, a bastion of geekiness dedicated to sharing her joy and passion with others. It took some time, and blood, and sweat, and tears. But one day that girl covered in paint and swimming in dreams opened the doors. It was that day Comic Book Hideout was born, the day it broke out into the world! Check them out at

The Fullerton Museum Center is a non-profit California corporation which develops and coordinates multi-disciplinary exhibits and education programs in the humanities, history, cultural and fine arts, and sciences. The museum was built in 1907, as a Carnegie Library.  Funding from the Federal Works Agency Projects Administration (WPA) enabled construction of a new building in 1940. The Fullerton Museum Association was founded in June 1971.  Muse 9 opened at the site of the former library in April of 1974 with its first permanent collection: an assemblage of bones acquired from the La Brea Tar Pits. To attract a broader audience, Muse 9 was renamed the Museum Association of North Orange County and on February 21, 1985, underwent major renovations and took on its present name of the Fullerton Museum Center.  Check them out HERE.

The Fullerton College Humanities division is language-centered and offers classes in languages, literature, speech, reading, and ESL.   The Fine Arts Division at Fullerton College includes the Art Department, Computer Graphics, the Music Department, and the Theatre Department.  Visit for more info on classes, programs, and special community events!

Fullerton Foundry is an arts & culture webzine showcasing all the wonderful things that our diverse city has to offer.  Their motto is "FORGING BEAUTY & VITALITY IN OUR FULLERTON COMMUNITY."  Check them out at

Oh, Hello Friend owner Danni & her husband Nick have traveled to cities like Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and even as far as Toronto & England bringing OHF goods all over the world. The OHF shop is curated to the fun, modern, and unique customer. Items in the shop, such as lovely greeting cards and stationery, aim to inspire handwritten notes. A wide variety of books, journals, and art prints offer daily encouragement to motivate and entertain. Party goods, gifts, and accessories take celebrating the beautiful moments in life to a level of sophistication and whimsy.  Visit them at

Hibbleton Gallery showcases artworks in a variety of formats and is not medium-specific. Hibbleton is dedicated to art that provokes thought and initiates discourse, whether it is considered subculture, pop surrealist, outsider, graffiti, lowbrow, or street.  We often partner with non-profit and community groups to curate shows which raise social awareness and appreciation of all people, cultures, and members of  the local community.  Find Hibbleton on Facebook HERE.

Internal Gallery & Oddities is a visual arts womb featuring the fine art, handmade apparel and oddities of cross-medium artist Adam Watts. We are located in Downtown Fullerton's SOCO District.  INTERNAL is not just a gallery and not just a store... it's an experience. Whether you're simply curious and enjoy things that stretch your imagination and transcend the ordinary, you can call INTERNAL home.  Visit

Josh and Monica's Studio (JAMS). Josh and Monica Johnson are a fun loving married couple whose passion is photography! They have been together for over a decade on this journey called life. They are photographers and designers by day and Fun Makers by night.  Visit

Luis Sanchez Photography believe in the art of photography and customizing each photo experience.  “Photography is my passion in life and therefore I want to create stunning photos that you would love to share with the rest of the world."  --Luis Sanchez.  Visit

Max Bloom's Cafe Noir is a community-supported neighborhood coffee house which encourages all forms of art and expression. Each week they have open mic night on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Open mic features music, poetry readings and comedy. There is live music on Saturday night, open mic theater Mondays and featured artists of the month exhibiting photography, painting and illustrating.  Visit

Neighborhood Studio exists as a physical studio inside the Magoski Arts Colony in Fullerton, California as well as a weblog documenting art and community.  Neighborhood Studio is exactly that, your neighborhood studio. We love artists and their lives. We believe the more you invest into an artist’s life, the better their art, expression and character develops. We invite you to come explore what’s in store at Neighborhood and empower the artists on display.  Neighborhood Studio is formerly PÄS Gallery (project art school) which celebrated art through studio space, hosting art exhibits, and bringing community together. Basically the only thing that has changed is the name, and by that very nature, we will expand our philosophies beyond the gallery walls and into the neighborhood. We opened PÄS in 2009 with big dreams, and within 5 years, our dreams were realized. This led the transition into Neighborhood. Welcome.  Do Art. View Art. Love People.  Visit

The Night Owl Cafe is a coffee shop in downtown Fullerton that has become a haven and a gathering place for artists, musicians, writers, and other creative folks.  Visit

All Star Photo Booth.  You wont find a flimsy curtain or a plywood box here...just the real deal! An actual hard-sided photo booth!  Visit

Unity Salon has been serving Downtown Fullerton since 1994.   Whether creating looks that are contemporary or classic, to something forward and edgy, we at Unity are passionate about making our clients look and feel their personal best.  Visit For the Art Walk Anniversary, Unity hosted Red Ink Photography.  Visit

Share & Do Good  is a giving boutique located in Downtown Fullerton. Our goal is to bring you good designs made by great causes that tell amazing stories of hope from around the world.  Visit

Studio EMP Photography is committed to delivering natural, real, fun images and outstanding customer service. Joel Eckman Maus, our owner and founder, is passionate about photography, especially wedding photography. He is constantly experimenting and reinventing himself with fresh images that show emotion and ambiance of an event or moment, rather than posed images. Joel, Stefanie, Lorely, and their second photographers work in a relaxed, respectful manner allowing you to enjoy your day with your guests, while still creating images that cover every nook and cranny of your event.  Visit

On the main outdoor stage, visitors were treated to a beautiful performance from the Toyaacan Aztec Dance Group.

After the dancers, local soul band The Moan played a toe-tapping set…

To close the night out, the band Deep Sea Madness rocked our socks off!

Between the live music and dance sets, my friend Philip Higson was the DJ for the night, serenading us with the sweet and eclectic sounds of his music collection…

There were food trucks galore, providing hungry visitors a wide variety of specialty foods and treats…

One of the main sponsors of the event was Artist Supply Warehouse, and they had live, hands-on art activities for kids…

All in all, it was a fantastic celebration of local creativity, culture, and community.  The Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, a coalition of galleries, businesses, and community groups, happens the first Friday of every month in historic downtown Fullerton.  Visit for more info, or check us out on Facebook!  Stay creative, Fullerton!

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  1. Thank you, Jesse, for posting a great overview of the evening. Nice to see so many family attending and enjoying the art, music, dancing ... and the food trucks. Many said that they were already looking forward to next year.