Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chicano Batman!

This weekend, I saw the band Chicano Batman at The Continental Room in Fullerton, with my friend Josue.  Chicano Batman are influenced by Spanish language ballads from the likes of Los Angeles Negros, Leo Dan, and Los Bukis, plus the classic oldies anthems of Brenton Wood, The Four Tops, dance floor hip shakers by The Latin Brothers, Willie Colon, and the Brazillian sounds of Caetano Veloso.  They take "old school" influences and make them new and fresh.  I loved their set, and the crowd went wild.  Josue took some photos.  (Check out

Chicano Batman have released three albums so far, and I have been listening to them quite a bit since the show.  I like their original logo, which is a combination of the United Farm Workers' symbol and the Batman logo.  

Here's a cool Chicano Batman song called "Magma":


If you get a chance, I highly recommend checking out Chicano Batman.  Visit

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