Sunday, February 2, 2014

Centered on the Center @ Huntington Beach Art Center

Last night I went to the opening reception of "Centered on the Center" at the Huntington Beach Art Center.  It's a massive salon-style show featuring over 400 works by over 200 artists.

I went because my friends John Sollom and Nancy Johnson had pieces in the show…

The show is absolutely massive, and kind of overwhelming.  At first I walked around in a kind of daze, taking pictures…

Then I went on a kind of "Where's Waldo" treasure hunt, looking for John and Nancy's pieces.  It took me a while, and some help, but eventually I found them.  Here's John's piece:

And here's Nancy's…

There were some interesting sculptures…

And then I walked through the gallery, looking for pieces that "spoke to me."  Here are some of them:

"Thomas" by Cynthia Kelber (photograph)

"3-D Lucky Bunny" by John Ha (mixed media)

"RIP Nelson Mandela" by Jim Morey (artificial pumpkin)

"Sumo" by Bruce Robertson (oil on canvas)

"Vulture Beach Party" by Sonya Orloff (mixed media)

"Mamba #24" by Armando Barcelo Captaine (acrylic on canvas)

"War is Hello" by Bruce Hood (mixed media)

"The Watching Trees" by Darren Hostetter (serigraph print)

"The Viking" by Kari Ivey (ceramic)

The show runs through the end of March.  Visit for more info.

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  1. Nice write up of the night, your friend John's art was one of my favorites!