Friday, December 6, 2013

Tonight @ The Magoski Arts Colony!

It's my favorite day of the month, the first Friday, and that means the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk!  There are over 30 venues scattered around downtown Fullerton showing awesome art.  For a list of venues, visit  The Art Walk is from 6-10pm and it's FREE.  I curate shows at Hibbleton Gallery and BOOKMACHINE books + zines in the Magoski Arts Colony, which includes Violethour Studio, The Egan Gallery, (the gallery formerly known as PAS Gallery, Artside Studio, and lots of cool artist studios.  Here's what you can expect to see tonight at the Colony:

At Hibbleton Gallery, come see an art show that celebrates rock & roll photography and gig posters. The show is called "Shot in the Dark" and features the photography of OC Weekly photographer John Gilhooley, who has spent the past several years shooting iconic rock bands like Social Distortion, TSOL, No Doubt, X, and many others.  The show also features the screen-printed gig posters of Scotty Roller, whose colorful creations feature artwork for bands like The Supersuckers, Bouncing Souls, PIL, and many other bands.  Many of the posters are signed by the bands and artists.  

At the gallery formerly known as PAS Gallery, come see the paintings and assemblage of the incomparable and prolific artist John Sollom.  John Sollom was voted by OC Weekly in 2012, the Best Artist in Orange County, so he is legit.  John Sollom is a dear friend of the Magoski Arts Colony, and his iconic and creative artwork is definitely worth checking out (and buying!)

At The Egan Gallery, come see the provocative paintings of M. Bryan, in a show called "The Wrong Child."  Bryan's work explores themes of the female body, trauma, and the disconnect between image and reality.  Beneath the surface of the seemingly perfect women in her paintings is a subtext of a passionate artist seeking creative and personal freedom.

At BOOKMACHINE, there is even MORE work by M. Bryan, in a smaller (but no less amazing) show called "Electric Sheep Emporium" featuring her artwork and handmade books.  Bryan's work combines painting, drawing and book-making. On display will be altered books with original art and poetry, re-purposed old book covers, large paper collages, postcards, and an original art & poetry zine.

In Violethour Studio, come see the amazing photography, collage and slightly holiday-themed art of Michael Magoski, Candace Magoski, and others…

There is also a collaborative art project from several members of the Magoski Arts Colony, which is a benefit for the victims of the recent disaster in the Philippines.  100% of the profits are going to the Red Cross to send relief to the Philippines.  

Tonight you can see all this artwork, and more at The Magoski Arts Colony during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.  Hope to see you there!


(the gallery formerly known as) PAS Gallery
and all of us artists and patrons of the arts in Fullerton...

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