Sunday, December 8, 2013

Canyons, Fugue, Palm Reader, and Media Jeweler @ Comic Book Hideout

Tonight I went to a rock and roll show at the coolest comic book store in downtown Fullerton, Comic Book Hideout.  I saw the bands Canyons, Fugue, Palm Reader, and Media Jeweler.  Going to a show at a comic book store is awesome, because you can look at/read comic books between sets, which is exactly what I did.  One of my favorite actors/singers, David Liebe Hart, had recently painted the windows of Comic Book Hideout.  David Liebe Hart was a regular guest on the best television show ever, The Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!  Check these sweet holiday designs:

Look at all these comic books they have at Comic Book Hideout!!!

Here are some pictures I took of the first band, Media Jeweler

One of the members of the band played a bugle.

I was really excited to see the second band, Palm Reader, because my friend Byron is in that band.  Byron is a really cool dude.

The next band was called Fugue.  I like seeing bands at small shows like this, because you get to stand right next to the band while they play.  Also, the music feels very genuine and "raw".

After Fugue played, I played one game of Street Fighter II.  I was Guile, my go-to guy.  I defeated Ken with a "blade kick", but I lost to Chun Li.  She's a wily one, that Chun Li.

And then the headliner came on, Canyons.  I really like Canyons, and the lead singer, Jeremy, is a friend of mine.  Guess who also came to see Canyons?  A colleague of mine at Fullerton College, Doug Kresse.  He teaches speech.  Here are some pictures I took of Canyons…

It was a fun night of comics, music, and friendship.  Comic Book Hideout is located at:

215 W. Commonwealth Ave. in historic downtown Fullerton.

Go there!

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  1. Canyons is the shit! Table Scraps!

    Also, Byron is rad as nails.