Friday, November 15, 2013

Day of the Pre-Dead Columbarium Project @ The Magoski Arts Colony

For the November 1 Art Walk, members of the Magoski Arts Colony participated in a collaborative art project called "Day of the Pre-Dead Columbarium Project."  The idea was conceived by Amanda Reeves and curated by Ricardo Gonsalves.  Here's a brief description of the project:

A columbarium is a collection of boxes, alcoves, or small containers that hold and display images, objects, poetry, sound, etc. that can tell a brief story or give a hint about who you are and what you would like others to know about you…before you leave the planet.

I took photos of the finished Columbarium displays and individual boxes.  Here's a glimpse inside the mind of the artists of The Magoski Arts Colony:

This last one, made by Vince Morgan, is my favorite.

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  1. These are exquisite. Thank you for curating and inspiring.