Friday, October 11, 2013

Bandwidth Mondo @ The Copper Door!

Last night, I went to The Copper Door in downtown Santa Ana to DJ a special show hosted by my friends Mondo and Lixe, who have a radio show called Bandwidth Mondo on LA Talk Live.  It's mostly a music show, where they host hot new bands.  Last night, three bands played: Wax Children, The Gospels, and May McDonough & Company.  I got to spin records between bands.

I took along my camera to document the event, which was a total blast.

The first band, Wax Children, are an ambient experimental indie noise pop psychedelic band from Los Angeles.  To listen to their music, go HERE.

The next band, The Gospels, are one of my favorite local bands.  The guitarist, Erin, is a colleague of mine in the English department at Cal State Fullerton.  They are a straight up rock and roll band, and they have a new 7" record coming out soon on Ghoulhouse Records.

Mondo introduced each band.  He tends to swear a lot when he's nervous.

"That was the fucking Gospels."  --Mondo

Between each band I got to spin records on really nice Technics turntables and a sweet PA system.  I blasted some old school punk and nostalgic 80s music.  What other DJ do you know who follows the Sex Pistols with the Pretty in Pink soundtrack?  DJ Jesse "The Body" La Tour, that's who.

The last band, May McDonough & Company, describe themselves as "psychedelic sex-pop."  They were pretty groovy.

Many of my friends were at the show.  A good time was had by all!

Be sure to tune into Bandwidth Mondo every Saturday on LA Talk Live.  Also, like them on Facebook to keep up with all the cool live shows they host!

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