Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hope University is Coming to Hibbleton!

Last week, I went with some students from Fullerton College to visit Hope University in Anaheim, which is an arts program for adults with disabilities.  I went to shoot a short video and take pictures because, in November, Hibbleton Gallery is partnering with Hope University and Fullerton College's Honor Society to put on an art exhibit featuring the work of students at Hope.  The mission statement at Hope is simple and profound:  Hope University transforms the lives of adults with intellectual disabilities through the arts.

It was incredibly inspiring to meet these adults, with varying developmental disabilities, totally excited about making art and music.  Their artwork could be characterized as "outsider art" which is one of my favorite kinds.  It's not about technical training, and more about passion and individual expression.  People with disabilities are often defined by what they cannot do, but Hope University seeks to foster and showcase the amazing things these people can do.  Here are some pictures I took of the artists at work:

And here is some of the amazingly cool artwork I saw:

In addition to arts programs, Hope University also has a band called the Hi Hopes, who have played numerous shows.  Here they are:

One of the artists, Sharon, made paper mache models of some members of the band.  These are my favorite pieces:

The artist at work...

The exhibit will open in November during the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, at Hibbleton Gallery in the Magoski Arts Colony.  To learn more about Hope University, and how you can contribute, visit their web site HERE.  Stay tuned for a video and more details!

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