Sunday, September 8, 2013

Camping on Table Mountain

This weekend, I went camping in Wrightwood with some friends.  It was my buddy Landon's birthday.  The place we camped at was called Table Mountain.  It was filled mostly with pine trees.

We took a nice, long hike and it felt really good to just be in nature, to be away from the city and urban development.  It smelled of pine trees and plants.

Landon brought his dog, Bindi.

We had a nice dinner of grilled chicken and potato salad, then settled around the campfire for s'mores, drinks, and company.

At night, we could see so many stars.  When you live in a populated area with lots of lights, it really diminishes your ability to see the stars.  But up on Table Mountain, away from the city lights, you can truly see the stars.  As we stood looking at them, Landon said, "Living in the city, we lose our sense of connection to the universe."  I feel it's important to get away from our cities sometimes, to enter into nature, lest we forget that we are only a tiny part of the cosmos.

The next morning, we cooked breakfast burritos and then took a hike up to the Mountain High ski resort (which was nearby).  Ski slopes look kind of useless when there is no snow.

We found an old abandoned shack that was elevated on logs.  We called it the "Witch's Hut,"

On the hike back, I decided to write a song about my experiences on Table Mountain.  I call it "Up on Table Mountain."

Verse 1

Up on Table Mountain
where the pine trees grow,
there's a ski resort
where there is no snow.

Up on Table Mountain
we are wild and free.
We even brought our dogs:
Bali, Harper, Bindi.


If you wanna get away 
from the city blues,
where the air is clean
and the sky is blue.

We're all goin' campin'
all my friends and me!
We're headin' up to Wrightwood
where there's rocks and trees!

Verse 2:

Up on Table Mountain
in the wide outdoors
roastin' up some 'mallows
gonna make some s'mores!

Up on Table Mountain
where the pinecones fall,
we are happy campers,
Sing it one and all!

Repeat Chorus

Happy birthday, Landon!

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