Saturday, September 21, 2013

Airplanes and Jains

This morning, I took a fantastic little trip with my friend Steve Elkins.  We started by having breakfast at the little cafe in the Fullerton Municipal Airport.  Yes, Fullerton has an airport!

After breakfast, we watched some airplanes taking off.  Then we headed over to the Jain Center, just down Commonwealth Ave. in Buena Park.  

Both Steve and I were really curious about the fact that there is a Jain community in Orange County.  This is strange because, at least for monks, Jainism is really hardcore.  Jain monks do not use electricity and take great pains to not kill anything, even bugs.  They believe in extreme non-violence, so they are vegetarians, and don't even eat certain plants.  Steve had arranged to meet with one of the directors of the temple, because he is interested in various forms of monasticism for a documentary he's working on.  I just tagged along, taking pictures.

I know very little about the Jain religion.  From the internet, I learn that it's one of the oldest religions in the world, tracing its beginnings to about the 5th century BCE.  It's kind of an offshoot from Buddhism.  The most important aspect of Jainism is non-violence.  For this reason, I like it immediately.

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  1. My boyfriend and I recently traveled with a Jain couple. Their diet is interesting-- it's no carrots, onions, potatoes, garlic, because they are root vegetables, and so picking a root vegetable is in essence killing it. Cliff, my boyfriend, was in India a couple of years ago in some Jain villages. The really hard core people at the temple brush the walk way ahead of them with a soft broom so that they do not step on an insect. It's really very interesting!