Sunday, June 2, 2013

Small Town Gay Bar

Yesterday I watched a documentary called "Small Town Gay Bar."  It's about two gay bars in the deep south, and how important they are for the LGBT community in a place in America where being gay still brings great social stigma.  Mississippi, where the two bars featured in the film exist, is directly in the "Bible Belt" of America, and so coming out as gay comes with great risk of persecution and exclusion.  

The film chronicles the bar owners, the patrons, and how a bar can provide a safe place in the midst of a threatening society.  I've been working on a documentary film that deals with the LGBT community in Orange County, a place that has not been friendly to the LGBT community.  I found this documentary to be very inspiring and enlightening.  As a society, we have progressed in many ways, but we still have a long way to go with regards to how we perceive and treat gays and lesbians.  The movie is streaming on Netflix right now.

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