Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Documentary So Far

So my main project this summer is making a feature-length documentary film about an art exhibit that happened at The Magoski Arts Colony in May, entitled LOVE. SEX. UNITY. RESPECT.  100 artists participated in our largest show ever, which was in support of marriage equality and the Orange County LGBT community.  My film involves interviews with artists, activists, professors, organizers, and the history of the civil rights struggles of gay and lesbian people in historically conservative Orange County.  My working thesis is that art and activism can go hand-in-hand to help change a community and achieve greater understanding and justice.

I've never made a documentary before, but I have made a lot of videos before and I blog a lot, so I'm approaching the film like I would my blog.  Whenever I film something (an event, an interview, etc.) I edit that footage, post it on youtube, and move on to the next thing.  This helps me feel productive, and prevents "writer's block" or "editor's block" Once I've amassed enough small parts, I will begin fitting them together into a larger film.

Here's what I have so far.  This first video is a ten minute promotional video I made before the exhibit happened:

The next one is a video of the Orange County AIDS Walk, which I participated in for the first time this year.  Some of the organizers and artists of the exhibit put together an AIDS Walk team.  Half of the proceeds of the artwork sold went to the AIDS Walk.

Next I made a video in which I discuss an installation I made for the exhibit, which is a timeline of LGBT history in Orange County.

Here's a video I  made of most of the artwork of the show:

Next I attended Harvey Milk Day at Cal State Fullerton, and filmed activist Cleve Jones giving a talk about the struggle for equal rights for gays and lesbians.  OC Supervisor Shawn Nelson officially recognized Harvey Milk Day for the first time ever in OC at this event.  I filmed it.

And today, I finished a video of the opening reception:

I teach college writing, and so I consider these short videos my "rough drafts" as I work on the longer film.  I'm not going for perfection.  I'm just trying to see if I can actually make a documentary.  I think I can!  More to come.

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