Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Coming in June to the Magoski Arts Colony!

If you haven't been to the Magoski Arts Colony in a while, there have been lots of cool changes and developments over the past couple months.  We have a brand new gallery, The Egan, a new video projection room, plus lots of new walls and some new artist spaces.  To kick off the summer, for the June 7th art walk, the artists and galleries of the colony offer you an explosion of art shows.  Here's what you can expect to see on the June 7th Downtown Fullerton Art Walk from 6-10 pm at the Colony:

PÄS Gallery presents The Space In My Head, Michael Ziobrowski's first solo show of recent works, where he uses xerox, tape, and spray paint on wood masking geometric dimension from the images in his head.

Michael Ziobrowski also known by the monicker JUNE22, was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Orange County, California by Polish Immigrant parents with an appreciation for art, music and good food. He is a Father, Lover, Designer, Selector, Collector, BeatMaker, Curator, Creator. With a strong interest in Space, Egyptology, Hip Hop, Design and Style. Michael has exhibited primarily in Southern California for the past two + years, both in small and large groups shows, and continues to open new doors of opportunity with his work.

Michael is also currently preparing for both a live painting and group exhibition at UCLA’s 27th Annual Jazz Reggae Festival in Los Angeles. To preview his work, visit

You are cordially invited to Hibbleton Gallery's next art exhibit entitled "Cryptids and Other Imaginary Specimens" featuring artwork by Nicole Sloan and Wendy Kubiak.  Nicole and Wendy are visual artists with widely diverse backgrounds but a shared interest in watercolor as an expressive medium. With Kubiak’s meandering lines and Sloan’s bold colors, they showcase their different styles in relation to the content. Side by side, these artists work together to investigate their interpretations of oddities, both from popular culture and their own imaginations. This exhibition explores their mutual fascination with tall tales, strange beings, myth, and cryptozoology.

COME ONE COME ALL!  An art show where the unexpected, chaotic, bizarre, and beautiful come together!  Violethour Studio!

Prince Pat, E.E. Jacks, Andrea Ruygt, Anna Hansen, Michael Magoski
Candace Magoski, Candy Cordes, Connie Hurtado, Gabriel Palma,
Roxanna Mostatabi, Erica Wolfsen, Stacy Pearlman, Topdime 

Music by: Co.fee & Good Girls & Smokers

Opening Reception for "Dependent", a photographic series presenting diabetes differently, created by Beth Bauler @ BOOKMACHINE books + zines!

You are invited to THE EGAN, a new gallery space at the Magoski Arts Colony, on June 7th between 6 to 10 pm, when THE EGAN presents visual artist Ken Ruzic with his first Fullerton Art Walk solo exhibition “Sacred & Profane”.

Ken Ruzic has been painting for over 20 years, his work has been featured in dozens of magazines and he has over 100 domestic and international exhibits to his credit. His debut at the Fullerton Art Walk, however, was not until this month when he joined 99 other artists for LOVE. SEX. UNITY. RESPECT. with his standout contribution The Owl & The Pussy Cat, inspired by Edward Lear’s 1871 poem of the same name. Ken now follows this contribution with a monumental exhibit which among other things tackles a battle of fish, the end times, minor conspiracies and the temptation of a decent saint.

Ken is constantly at work in his Orange, CA studio painting, researching new topics, and completing dozens of studies and sketches in preparation for one of his epic works. Drawing from an abundance of curiosity, research, and a Midwestern upbringing, his subjects have ranged from Polynesian themes, fables, myths, and biblical stories all the way to the machinations of modern society. It is Ken’s drive to understand and communicate these ideals to the world that assure Mr. Ruzic several lifetimes of subjects to take on.

Art Walkers who come to The Egan on June 7th can look forward to an eclectic ride through the artistic mind of our first featured artist, THE MIGHTY KEN RUZIC!

(The Egan is named in honor of the local legend, art professor at Fullerton College and the man who got many of us first thinking about the power of art, Bob Egan. Bob passed away in 2008 but the friendships made in his class continue for many us 25 years later. Bob's wife Beverly plans on attending) 

In short, amazing and fantastical things are afoot at The Magoski Arts Colony in Fullerton!  See you at the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk on June 7th, 2013 from 6-10pm.  This event is FREE and open to the public.  

We are located at 223 + 225 West Santa Fe. Ave. in majestic Fullerton, California, USA, the Earth, the Universe.

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